The Look and Durability of Granite, Marble or Quartz for the price of Formica!

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Heat & Scratch Resistant

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ResinRock Countertops have the look and feel of polished natural stone. They are 100% non-porous and never need to be re-sealed.

ResinRock is an exceptional solid surface for food prep which does not promote the growth of bacteria.

ResinRock Countertops are custom manufactured. Our unique coloring process allows for any color combination. We’re not limited by stone availability, slab size, or even large price increases for the look of exotic stone. Veins and other mineral effects found in natural stone can be mimicked or even enhanced to complement any kitchen layout, allowing for a versatile and dynamic element to any design.

ResinRock Countertops can be installed in as little as one or two days, so home owners won’t be without a kitchen for weeks at a time. Over 90% of the countertop process is completed off site which minimizes the time, inconvenience, and mess of onsite construction.

We Truly Care


ResinRock Countertops has a very durable surface. ResinRock Countertop epoxy is scratch and heat resistant. As with all countertop surfaces, it’s possible to damage ResinRock countertop epoxy, however the Resin Rock countertop process makes those small repairs simple. When other countertop materials are damaged they are hard to fix and sometimes even un-repairable.

Resin Rock countertops are environmentally friendly. ResinRock Countertop epoxy contains very low VOC (volatile organic compound, qualifying as a green building material). We don’t extract slabs of stone from a quarry, leaving no impact on the earths mountains. 

ResinRock Countertop epoxy does not release radon gas (some Granite does),

Think Green

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